What do we know about the role of arts in social care?

First published on Tue, June 18, 2013.

The way in which people are supported in communities continues to change, and there is increasing recognition that the arts can help promote quality of life and independence. With this in mind, Skills for Care, Skills for Care and Development and Creative & Cultural Skills have been working in partnership to develop their understanding of the role the arts and arts practitioners can play in the delivery of social care support. 

Consilium Research and Consultancy were commissioned to undertake this research, exploring the role of arts in the delivery of adult social care with a particular emphasis of workforce development. The research involved:

  • A rapid evidence assessment collating reports, research papers and evaluation studies on the use of arts to deliver social care;
  • An activity mapping exercise to identify the range, types and characteristics of ongoing activities, and to highlight potential outcomes for organisations, staff and people using services;
  • A workshop with interested stakeholders to inform practice recommendations emerging from the research.

The research has now been reported and a briefing paper highlighting the key findings across all three stages of the research has been produced. The full reports from the research are due to be launched on 16th September 2013

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