CBI, Skills for the creative industries: Investing in the talents of our people

First published on Tue, September 20, 2011.

The CBI launched a report entitled ‘Skills for the creative industries: Investing in the talents of our people’ in September 2011. The report examines steps which the government and other stakeholders could take in order to boost the skills of the creative industries.

The report primarily looked at digital aspects of the creative industries, such as the need for higher level computing skills. It also looked at the creative industries as a broader whole, making a series of recommendations which it believes would lead to a stronger sector.

Creative & Cultural Skills contributed to the final report, specifying the need to:

  • Consider areas outside of STEM subjects as also being key for the skills development of the creative industries
  • allow the Department for Education to consider revising the ICT curriculum for people in schools
  • developing apprenticeship frameworks for the creative industries, and ensuring that small and micro-businesses can take on apprentices
  • provide accurate information, advice and guidance for learners taking courses related to the creative industries.

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