Restarting Britain: Design Education and Growth: Design Commission Inquiry into Design Education

First published on Thu, January 26, 2012.

The Design Commission, sponsored by CHEAD, The Design Council and Creative & Cultural Skills recently launched the report Restarting Britain in order to examine how design education could help act as a lever to economic growth. The report has four seperate recommendations:

  1. 'Government needs a national design strategy that it takes ownership of in a well-informed and pro-active way
  2. 'Whilst government should oppose any move to remove design from the National Curriculum, we also need to think again about how design operates in schools
  3. 'Further Education routes into the sector need to be expanded and developed'
  4. 'Higher Education Centres of Excellence - resourve-intensive high quality centres teaching tomorrow's innovators and researching future practice - need protecting and funding'.

Further to the publishing of the report, the issues have been taken up in the House of Lords, which hosted a debate on the topic.

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