Think pieces tagged Economic Impact

Why an arts degree really is worth less than the paper it's written on

November 2011

For the creative industries to thrive, from the first scribblings at playgroup, to the most sophisticated innovations of our Masters students and beyond, we must ensure that all those with the innate talent and potential are able to access careers in our sector and flourish. Whilst there are any number...

Making and measuring difference

November 2011

If creative learning is the creation of one’s own ideas, or learning to create one’s own ideas – or even understanding that learning is the creation of new ideas – and if every human has the capacity to do this, then we are talking about something very significant and complex....

The digital economy can thrive with a very affordable investment of 5p.

October 2011

The first P is for Pounds The digital creative industries in particular need access to finance in order to scale up to serve and monetise global markets. Investors must learn to understand the value of creativity and digital content. The second P is for People You can’t build a digital...